Haskell MOOC

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This is an online course on Functional Programming that uses the Haskell programming language. You can study at your own pace. All the material and exercises are openly available.

This course is aimed at beginners who wish to learn functional programming, but also people who have experience with functional programming and want to learn Haskell in particular. The course assumes no previous knowledge, but knowing at least one programming language beforehand will make the course easier.

The course consists of two parts worth 5+5 ECTS credits. For both parts, the grading is as follows:

  • To get credits, you must complete at least 50% of each lecture’s exercises.
  • If you solve at least 50% of exercises, you get grade 3.
  • If you solve at least 80% of exercises, you get grade 4.
  • If you solve at least 99% of exercises, you get grade 5.
After finishing a part, you can get the credits through the My Status page.

Update June 2021: A full preview of part 2 of the course is now available. After we gather some feedback, part 2 will be finalized.

You can join our course channel on Telegram where you can discuss with other students and the course staff. You can also email <joel.kaasinen+mooc-feedback@gmail.com> to give course feedback.

This course was made possible by Nitor.